Two days kayak trip in Ko Phangan

Living in perfect paradise is great, peaceful and easy. But after two month without any extreme experience we get bored a bit. To full feel our willing of exciting and new experience we took a two days trip along seaside of Ko Phangan island.

The idea to make a kayak trip, was born about three month ago in Bangkok and originally was an idea to do a trip around Ko Phangan. After closer look on geography of the island, we decided to do a short two day kayak trip from Mae Haad beach (the better known as Ko Ma) to remote beaches, like Bottle beach (Haad Khuat) and Thong Nai Pan beaches.

Every local we talked about our plans was surprised the whole idea, one of the rental agencies even refuse the kayak rental. Whatever, finally we got a kayak for rent from some resort on Ko Ma for generous 500 baht ber day. It was simply beach kayak for three with two paddles.

After few rainy and cloudy days the 1 of June was a nice day with calm sea and clear sky. The first trip from Mae Haad (ko Ma) to Bottle beach (5,5 km) we have done for not more then a 1,5 hour. The rest of the day we spend on the beach and in the sea, doing nothing, it was a bit bored too, actually 🙂 On the Bottle beach we have got a nice beach bungalow for 200 baht for an overnight.

On the next day we paddle for about 2 hours and covered the distance for about 7,5 km with nice tailwind. Arrive to Thong Nai Pan Yai beach we took a rest and started thinking about way back. From the beginning we had two ways, by boat or by kayak.

At first we took a second option, but got a disappointed. Since we left the bay and start paddle to the sea, we can not move even for a bit. The head wind became even stronger and waves higher. The only one way we can move was the way back to the beach.

There are a lot of boat taxi on the beach, but the price for 1,5 hour ride back to Ko Ma was too expensive – boatmen asked for 1500 baht and did not bargain at all.

We was not ready to pay such a big money for such a short ride and continue searching for a boat. Smiling boatman from tourist boat (those who making day trip along Ko Phangan for tourist) agreed to give us a lift to Сhaloklum beach, from where it is a short trip to Ko Ma, for reasonable 600 baht. The price was included fruits and drinks on the boat and snorkeling on Malibu beach.

The last 1,5 km from the point where boatman left us, we paddle for less then an hour and finally arrived to Ko Ma, where locals who let us the kayak met us on the beach. They already known about our adventure – Ko Phangan it is small village and new are spreading very fast.

Short summary of the trip – it was fun, but I would not recommend anybody else do the same 🙂