Project 88. Motorbike trip in Nepal. Day 14. Tatopani-Pokhara.

That day we had to drive a final part of the off road to Beni, approximately 20 km. From Beni it is a “kind of normal road”, you can call it even a highway, all the way to Pokhara. A week ago, when we’ve driven up here, the road was very wet and muddy. But after a week of sunshine, the road became just rocks and dust. Dust that sink everywhere, under your cloth, under your skin. Can’t tell what is better, muddy road or dusty road, both seems to be not a great option, but still passable.

Quick lunch and tea in some roadside restaurant and by afternoon we’ve arrived safely to Pokhara, where another surprise was waiting for us. We could not get a room in a same guest house where we stayed last time, even after we’ve booked it with reception. We had to go around Pokhara to find a new place for a us to stay. But the real problem was the fact that it was a Nepali New Year (2074 by the way) and all of the places raised their prices in double. Oh, Oh. In most places rooms were already fully booked and our chances to get a reasonable and good room with secured parking for a bike were melting with every minute. Pokhara has many places to stay, but, not that much places with secured parking for a bike. We finally got OK room in one place, but had to change for another guest house the next morning.

Though our journey in Nepal is not over yet, but the most exited part is completed: Project 88: Kathmandu-Muktinath-Pokhara. It was rough, cold, very hard and sometimes seemed impossible. But we did it. Now we need to get some rest and find something new for us to be entertained with. Safe rides!