Moto gear restoration project, the jacket

Nothing last forever, especially if it is moto gear that quite often in use. Dima’s moto jacket is 12 years old, and require some restoration project, even maybe retirement, but Dima likes it very much and not agree to have a new jacket. So, here we ago… Another testing of my household skills. Main zipper needed to be replaced, and the proper size of the zipper is 21 inch, and guess what, nowhere in Pattaya I can find 21 inches. Lots of 20 and 22 and up, if different colors and materials, but none of 21 inch… Well, let’s try to do something.

Need to cut just a bit and clip the endings of the zipper. Lucky I found some looks like clips in a store and ready to take my chances.

After some precise sewing and cutting job, here is some middle results: