Some answers for questions from our friends and a bit of lyric

Within new year greeting letters from our friends we received a lot of questions about our life and our selfs, so I decided to answer them at a one time.

We left our country almost three years ago, during this time many of our friends got married, some even have got children. Some have succeeded in business, some achieved good results in science, and the best thing is that everybody happy.

As for us, we are still on the road.

Q: Do we want come back to Russia or Do we miss our country very much.

A: When I talk with my foreign friends about Russia, I always feel some warm feelings, like you talk about something beloved and significant for your. Of course we miss our country, we miss snow, fried potatoes with mushrooms, friends, parents, university… but we do not feel melancholy so much, that it can make us turn back home. I really love my country — it is only one I have, and I’m not looking for another, as well not for any other place for permanent living.

Q: How do we live.

A: As well as other people on our planet we use money for our living 🙂 Every night we spend in hostels or use couches. We travel from place to place by public transportation: buses, trains, taxis, etc. When it was interesting for us, we used our own transport — motorbike. We usually eat in cafes and restaurants, good thing that in South East Asia local street food is very popular. For some special cases we have water heater and can make coffee or tea, oatmeal or noodles and even boil eggs. Barbers, laundries, repairs and other shops are usually located in a walking distance where ever we are and cost very cheap, so we never worried about them. Clothes cost cheap, if not a bad quality, otherwise very cheap. We like modern technologies, so all our travel equipment is light and reliable — we are not saving money on it. The same for electronic gadgets, each of us carrying a small laptop, both of us have players, phones, camera and the last purchase — electric guitar. Laptops are great replacement for tonnes of books as well as guidebooks — everything is available in digital. Internet access provides us, as well as others, unlimited quantity of movies, music, etc.

Q: Where we are getting money from.

A: We keep our money in bank (for now it is one of Thai banks) and in travel checks. For cash we use ATMs and exchange shops.
We have a limit of our expenses per day, honestly we are breaking it very often. When the quantity of money come closer to a certain amount (for example, will be enough for one year or so) we start searching a job. During our trip we always looking for opportunities for a job or business — honestly, there is a lot of possibilities. We are developing our Internet projects at the same time, Travelonger for example, and hope that someday this projects will bring us a good profit.

Q: How are we get treatment in case we fall sick.

A: When we fall sick, unfortunately such situations were on our trip, we use local clinics or hospitals for a treatment. We do not have any insurance, and it is not possible to get such long term insurance that can suite our needs, so we pay total bill. The prices do not seem very expensive, and service is good enough (especially in Thailand). We are keeping our health in a good condition — fresh and healthy food, morning exercises and jogging.

A bit of lyric

Our trip is already transform to some kind of life style: move from place to place, change surrounding and interests, explore new worlds and meet new people. This is not a search for anything, this is not a life without a point — this is just an observation.

Outside of any system, without dogmas and moralities, without rights and obligations — we watch, learn and leave without participation, taking knowledges and experience. Ephemeral dreams do not disturb us any more — everything we dreamed about became real. We are not planning anything as well, simply because we do not know what will happen tomorrow.

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  1. We saw such dare-devil character of “KITTEN” even when she was just an ordinary schoolgirl(sorry for ordinary) and when she studied at a secondary school number 1, situated in probably one of the simpliest town named Engels, Russia.
    What to wait from you, Kate, in next 10 years?

    Wishing you the best of success,
    Yours, Irina Zorya(Gurtskaya)

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