Project 88. Motorbike trip in Nepal. Day 1. Test drive

riding in KathmanduDriving around Kathmandu is a lot of fun. It’s not a kind of thing that would please you everyday. Commuting to work like this would be really awful. But for us, travelers who enjoy Asia, its lifestyle and bikes, especially Indian Royal Enfield, this was a great experience.

Today we took a bike for a short test drive. Yesterday we have chosen a bike, agreed to the rental price and asked mechanic to attach a luggage rack. After an early breakfast, we took it from the garage to ride across Kathmandu to Swayambhunath, down to Durbar square and then back to Thamel. KathmanduThe bike was good, streets were narrow, road was terrible, traffic was crazy – lots of fun. For experienced bikers only. For newbie it would be a disaster and quite dangerous.

Parking in Kathmandu is quite an issue, no bikes are left on the street after sunset and most of the day time parkings are locked up for the night. So we parked our bike in the parking lot of 5 star hotel nearby our modest guest house. We kindly asked permission from the hotel reception and security guy, they were happy to provide us with a space, they have lots of it. SwayambhunathNext day when we departure, we tried to offer some payment for security guy, but he resisted, so we present him with couple of chocolates from Russia, a recent gift from our parents.

The owner of the rental shop, Ram, kindly provided us with an air pump and an extra tube, just in case. After packing our own gear and other stuff, we were ready to go.

Riding in Kathmandu
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