Project 88. Motorbike trip in Nepal. Day 9. Side walks around Kalopani.

The morning sunshine gave us a hope for a good day, and as we planned before we went for a circuit trek through neighborhood villages. Even with sunshine the temperature was still quite cold and we started fully dressed, but had to take off all the warm cloth after the first accent as the air temperature started to get warmer as well.
The views towards mountains were magnificent, and thanks to yesterdays rain, there was snow on the top of the hills, all surrounded mountains were covered in white.
The trail was easy to follow. We went through the pine forest – our favorite type of trekking. The villages were quite small and neat. The day was beautiful. We were the only trekkers on this trail, looks like most of the trekkers still prefer to walk along the road, which is a pity as this trail towards Titi lake and Taglung village is a very nice walk.
We’ve spent around 6 hours walking with lunch stop in Taglung village. Shortly after we came back to Kalopani, the weather changed and the rain started

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